Healthcare Privacy and Data Security: Best Practices

Provider and payer organizations alike must stay one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals who pose a grave threat to consumer privacy and security. But doing so is no easy task, as several factors--including but not limited to gaining C-suite support--can impede progress. Learn about steps organizations are taking to ensure security of electronically stored information remains a priority.
Topics may include:

  • The evolution of threats: Intruder efforts continue to mature, as evidenced by the fact that several hospitals in the first three months of 2016 have been hit with ransomware attacks
  • Building a culture of security: Many information security experts believe that security is about more than fighting fire with fire (or technology with technology); rather, all invested stakeholders at an organization must understand the importance of vigilance
  • The importance of layering: No one cybersecurity effort is foolproof, but incorporating several layers of security into one effort increases the difficulty of success for a potential hacker.