Patient-Centered Care in Ambulatory Settings

From physician practices to retail clinics to urgent care centers, ambulatory settings are increasingly focused on making healthcare easier, faster and less expensive for patients to access. They’re also borrowing from other industries by putting a focus on customer service. Patients are customers and if they are not happy, they will go elsewhere. This eBook will feature case studies and strategies from ambulatory care settings that have changed their operations to fit this new business model with a focus on patient-centered care.

Topics may include:

  • What the hospitality and banking industries can teach ambulatory care providers about customer service
  • Lessons learned from non-healthcare businesses, such as Amazon and Uber, that translate into ambulatory care settings
  • Strategies to improve customer service at your practice, such as tips to shorten wait times, expand office hours, and make your waiting rooms more inviting
  • Patient relations tips for physicians, managers and front-office staff