Payer-provider data-sharing: How to make it work

May 01, 2018

As the industry continues to move away from fee-for-service, it’s become increasingly clear that data-sharing is a crucial component of value-based payment arrangements. But for payers, it’s a challenge to provide data to physicians in a way that actually helps them—and doesn’t add to their already-daunting administrative burden. To do that, organizations must find a way to extract actionable insights that doctors can leverage at the point of care. In case studies and interviews, insurers that have successfully solved these challenges will share some of the lessons they’ve learned and provide real-world strategies and best practices.

Topics may include:

  • The best format and delivery method for presenting cost and quality data
  • How to use data-sharing to improve payer-provider relations
  • The value of using performance data to spur healthy competition among physicians
  • Tips for deciding how often and how much data to share
  • How to overcome interoperability challenges