WASHINGTON, DC - October 27, 2016

Questex Media Group today announced the deployment of its newest publication, FierceBroadcasting.    

This publication is the 9th in Questex Media Group’s Telecom Group. It serves as a daily news source on the business and technology issues facing programmers, broadcasters and content companies as they work to create and distribute their content.

"FierceBroadcasting is targeting an exciting place in the industry right now. The online video space is exploding, increasing numbers of customers are cutting the cord, and content providers and others are working to navigate these massive digital changes. Our latest publication will give industry insiders a clear look at how these business trends will play out, and the technologies that will guide the evolution of this space." said Mike Dano, Editor-in-Chief of the Telecom Group.

FierceBroadcasting joins a number of other high-profile publications in Questex Media Group’s Telecom Group portfolio, including FierceWireless, FierceCable, FierceTelecom and FierceOnlineVideo. Together these publications receive more than a million page views per month and help industry executives to better understand their businesses with daily news, executive interviews, in-depth features and more.

Ben Munson, Editor of FierceBroadcasting, describes, “Programmers, broadcasters and other content providers are all advancing to meet the tidal shifts in viewership habits while also embracing emerging technologies and facing issues that could seriously impact the content ecosystem. I'm excited to take the helm of FierceBroadcasting, which will stake out its coverage in the middle of that battle for eyeballs and provide daily insight on the technology, business and creative strategies shaping the future of the industry.”

Sign up for FierceBroadcasting here: https://pages.questexweb.com/FierceBroadcastingNewsletterSubscribe.html


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