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Today’s business leaders are increasingly on the go and smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing computers as the way industry executives access critical business news.  At FierceMarkets, we understand how important that mobile is becoming in today’s business world.  In an effort to provide access to industry news, wherever our industry leaders are, we have successfully launched mobile apps available to our subscribers on their iPhones, iPads, and android devices.  With 20% of our website traffic and newsletter subscribers currently viewing our news content on their mobile devices, the time is ripe for adding mobile marketing to your overall marketing strategy! 

  • Sponsorship of our publication mobile apps includes:   
  • Exclusive sponsorship of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps for the publication of your choice* 
  • Sponsor recognition at the top of the app’s newsfeed and article pages, featuring your company’s logo with “Brought to you by” designation
  • Big Box ad featured in-line with the main news feed